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Commercial Carriers Insurance Agency, Inc. (CCIA)
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For more than 40 years, CCIA has protected thousands upon thousands of trucking operations with top-rated insurance companies and competent, experienced professionals. All with our old-fashion Customer-First service. While there are numerous types of operations within the trucking industry, Commercial Carriers focuses on and provides preferred programs for the following operations: container; flatbed; contaminated (ditry) dirt; refrigeration; auto haulers; delivery van; semi van; heavy equipment; grain (pneumatic); cement; and dump trucks. Some operations not listed above may likely be included as our terms are general.

For each of our trucking clients, we assign a team of insurance specialists to handle the specific needs of their account. These specialists analyze your business and recommend coverages based on their expert evaluations. They then shop your company’s trucking insurance package nationwide to find you the best protection and value for your truck insurance dollar. And we get it for you. Once coverage is bound, your team is notified and ready to service all your company’s transportation insurance needs. Additionally, we maintain a 24/7 emergency notification service. If a member of your team is unavailable,

several different insurance companies. We currently have 11 underwriters on staff to prepare insurance quotes in-house, which gives us the ability to be more flexible in the premiums we provide. In order to provide our clients greater strength, stability and additional products, we joined the MEADOWBROOK® INSURANCE GROUP in 1997. As our parent company, this very successful, national insurance group has given us the ability to offer our clients more than we ever thought possible. "You'll experience the difference the very first time you call".


California Basic Inspection of Terminals (BIT) program
Effective January 1, 2016, the BIT program replaces the Biennial Inspection of Terminals program. Pursuant to CVC Section 34501.12, all motor trucks identified in CVC Section 34500 and motor carriers of property identified in CVC Section 34601 will be subject to BIT. Under the new BIT program, the CHP will select terminals for inspection based on the available carrier performance data or the commodity transported, rather than the previous time-based mandate of once every 25 months. Carriers must maintain and make available for inspection vehicles and records at the terminal(s) inspected as required by CVC Sections 34501 and 34501.12. NOTE: Trailers continue to be included in BIT inspections but are not considered when identifying vehicles for payment of MCP fees. For more information contact the closest CHP Motor Carrier Safety Unit, the Commercial Vehicle Section (see page three of the CHP 362), or check CHP’s website.

Driver vehicle inspection report(s)
A driver must prepare a DVIR at the completion of each day’s work and shall submit those reports to the motor carrier upon his/her return to the home terminal. This does not relieve the motor carrier from the responsibility of effecting repairs and certification of any items listed on the DVIR, prepared at the end of each day’s work, that would be likely to affect the safety of the operation of the motor vehicle. A motor carrier may use any type of DVIR as long as the report contains the information and signatures required. Every motor carrier shall maintain the original driver vehicle inspection report, the certification of repairs, and the certification of the driver's review for three months from the date the written report was prepared.


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