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Claims Trends

It is our intent to regularly inform you of trending claims affecting our insureds. Having examined our most recent claims data, our analysts have detected both an ongoing crash trend and a theft trend.
Our claims handlers continue to received a sizable amount of rearend related claims – both at-fault and not at-fault rearend crashes. Additionally, a wave of thefts of semiconductor-loaded CPCs (Common Powertrain Controllers) are leaving many of our truckers without the ability to operate their trucks. This issue is a nationwide problem that we are now being affected by in greater frequency.
REAREND CRASHES – These type of crashes are largely preventable. Simply knowing that these crashes are prevalent should cause drivers to have a higher sense of duty when backing. This means: don’t just rely on your mirrors; get out and survey the area around your vehicle; utilize a spotter; and consider installing a backup alarm system. Fleets should consider this as a hot topic discussion for driver meetings.
It is utterly imperative that drivers be vigilant in paying attention to the road while driving and leave all other activities for when the drive has finished. While it is legal to talk on the phone (hands-free) while driving, heated conversations and/or those that require concentration are not advised.
Wet and icy roads also contribute to rearend crashes as it does not take much speed at all to lose control. Be extra cautious when driving in these conditions and give yourself a little more room between you and the motorist ahead of you. Giving yourself a little extra room will also reduce the need to brake hard which often leads to your vehicle being hit from behind.
CPC THEFT – With the new age of vehicles, computer-related parts are vital to their operation. The CPC is considered the brain of the vehicle which is inoperable without it. It appears that the CPC (located behind the dash) is not very difficult to remove which allows thieves to be in and out in a matter of minutes. Unfortunately, this is likely accompanied by a smashed window, torn apart dashboard and severed wires. While the modules can be purchased legally for around $1,500, a shortage of semiconductor chips have created a blackmarket value of $3,000 – $4,000 for the CPCs. According to Daimler Truck North America, one single incident in April left 24 trucks inoperable as thieves stole their CPCs while parked in an auction yard in Pennsylvania. Daimler also reports many of the thefts are occurring at truck dealerships or customer terminals. For safety reasons, some repair shops are even removing the CPCs from trucks when they are left on their premises.
Unfortunately, this type of theft is not a claim that easily fixed as the backlog to getting a new CPC can be up to 18 months. Truckers need to take a proactive approach to deter theft.
Some tips for prevention are: Park in well-lit, high-traffic lots; position your truck in the view of surveillance cameras and/or guards, whenever possible; make sure the windows are closed and the doors locked whenever you leave the vehicle – even when loading and unloading; activate the vehicle alarm system, if equipped, when locking your vehicle; utilize all available security equipment for added layers of protection when the vehicle is unattended.
Know where to find safe parking. An essential element of safety and theft prevention is route planning. Pre-plan your route to find those locations that provide a safer environment and look for a fenced or gated location to park when available.