Our client rewards program allows you to earn up to $750 per referral*!


Did you know that we offer up to $750 per client referral? The best source of advertising normally comes by word of mouth and is one of our strongest sources of new business. Rather than make numerous marketing introduction calls, we build our business on the positive comments from folks like you.

Commercial Carriers Insurance Agency (CCIA) provides an “Easy" way for you to inform others about the superior service and protection available through CCIA and reduce the cost of your truck insurance at the same time. We call this rewards program "Money In The Bank" More than 23% of our program clients are using this benefit and we don’t want you to miss out!

Here's how it works ...
All you do is recommend other truckers or coworkers to our agency for their insurance protection and you can significantly reduce the cost of your insurance! There’s no limit to how much you can earn

We’ll credit your account with $250 for the following:
each owner operator who contacts us, references your name as the source of how they heard of us and becomes a client of ours for no less than 90 days.

We'll credit your account $750 for the following: who contacts us, references your name as the source of how they heard of us and becomes a client of ours for no less than 90 days.

If over a year, you refer 5 companies who purchase their insurance protection through CCIA, you could earn as much as $2,250 in renewal credits. But don't stop there!

Many of our clients call our referral program their “PIGGY BANK” program because all they do is recommend a friend here and there throughout the year, and the savings add up fast. This has led us to giving it the name
"Money In The Bank".

Don't wait, start reducing your insurance costs today and allow your friends and co-workers to benefit from our superior service and protection!



* To receive credits, referrals must be insured with Commercial Carriers Insurance Agency, Inc. for no less than 90 days. Credit(s) are earned
on the 91st day and applied towards y
our next renewal. ** Fleets are considered as 5 or more power units.





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We provide commercial truck insurance for commercial vehicles (trucks and trailers) of all sizes including:

Heavy Haulers | Flatbeds |Semi trucks | Stakebeds | Tank trucks | Cement Mixers | Dump trucks | Auto Haulers | Logging | Temperature Controlled | Pneumatic | Straight trucks | And Many More!!!
Accident Camera kits INCLUDED
for all your trucks. Ask us how!


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