Job-Related Fatalities Rank #1, Injuries #6

According to a blog by the U.S. Department of Labor, one out of every six American workers killed on the job is a tractor-trailer truck driver. In 2014, 761 truck drivers were killed while working, marking the fifth year in a row those numbers have increased. Of those fatalities, 78% were caused by transportation incidents.

Citing data from the Bureau, truck drivers also have the highest number of nonfatal injuries and illnesses requiring days off from work across all occupations (55,710 in 2014). In this category, truckers ranked 6th behind police officers and sheriffs, firefighters, highway maintenance workers, correctional officers and nursing assistants.

The dominant injury-related causes were slips, trips and falls, followed by overexertion. Most likely causes were pushing and pulling containers; lifting heavy items while loading and unloading; and routinely getting in and out the vehicle.

Some prevention tips are listed below.

    • Use good body position / posture in all tasks.
    • Use mechanical aids whenever possible
    • Use three points of contact when working on
    elevated work surfaces.
    • Don’t jump off your vehicle or trailer
    • It is always better to face the direction you
    want to go rather than walk backwards
    • Be careful when opening up a trailer as loads
    can shift.
    • Get help securing your loads and stay out
    of the direct path of the strap as it may break.

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