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Drug And Alcohol Clearinghouse

Mandatory Compliance Date Jan 5

In 2017, the FMCSA established requirements for the Commercial Driver’s License Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse (Clearinghouse), a database under the Agency’s administration that contains information about violations of FMCSA’s drug and alcohol testing program for the holders of commercial driver’s licenses (CDLs). This rule is mandated by the Agency’s MAP Act.

The Clearinghouse requires that: Employers must query the Clearinghouse for current and prospective employees’ drug and alcohol violations before permitting those employees to operate a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) on public roads. Additionally, employers are required to annually query the Clearinghouse for each driver they currently employ. All employers of CDL drivers must purchase a query plan in the Clearinghouse. This query plan enables employers, and their consortia/third-party administrators (C/TPAs), to conduct queries of driver Clearinghouse records. Query plans may be purchased from the FMCSA Clearinghouse only at https://secure.login.gov. The deadline for making those queries is January 5.

Owner-operators operating under their own authority must also run their first query by the deadline. FMCSA states that any employer who employs himself or herself as a CDL driver must comply with all Clearinghouse requirements imposed on both employers and employees.